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2 Big Sleepovers. My kids all decided last night to stay down at the kids home. There are two kids homes, one for girls, one for the boys. It’s apparently the first time this has ever happened here and the kids here were beyond excited to have my kids sleep down there with them, so ALL the kids, minus the 2 smallest babies and one really sick girl, slept in 1 room in each home! Mom and I decided we wanted a photo so we went down for a quick visit. Not a lot of sleeping actually happened in the boys room.

(http://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/--Ah4HyGQxDA/TvPMN5vlqlI/AAAAAAAAA7Y/_ikdObs4fB0/s1600/Sound%2Basleep%252C%2Bthere%2Bare%2B5%2Bin%2Bhere NULL.JPG)
Sound asleep, there are 5 in here
(http://4 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/-USbpgx9i7yU/TvPMmdVMTxI/AAAAAAAAA7k/ZEmF0UQ8Wf0/s1600/All+8+boys+in+one+room NULL.JPG)
All 8 boys in one room

Sleeping Security. A while after we went to visit the kids mom discovered her phone wasn’t with her and she must have it at all times in case one of the house mom’s or security or Luckner need her. We couldn’t find it so wanted the security to come up to the house and dial it so we’d find it by the ringing. She went out onto the deck and waved a flashlight down toward Security so they’d come up to the house. No response from security, which was very strange since they always come right away. We waited 15 mins, looked for the phone some more, and tried again to alert security. No response to the flashlight. We grabbed the camera and decided to sneak down quietly to check it out. We found both Security sound asleep. Not even the flash woke them up! We then started plotting what to do next. Me: ‘Let’s go pull on the gate like we were trying to get in’ (they were sleeping right beside the gate). If they woke up, at least we’d know it was still safe even though they were asleep. Mom’s idea was to go out the side door (the door to the school) and sneak around to the front and bang on the outside of the gate. Mom’s idea was tossed out, the reason there are security guards is that it’s not safe to be outside here, especially after dark. We laughed about that idea and how silly it was. So I brought up my idea again! ‘Let’s go pull on the gate from the inside, it will be safer cause bad guys outside wouldn’t be able to get us’. Mom looked at me and said ‘yes, and the security guards will be jolted awake and will probably shoot you!’. OMG. What?! I started to laugh (quietly) and told mom no way would I have crept down in the dark to take a photo if I’d thought about the gun! Turns out Mom’s idea was probably the safer of the two. I was fully aware of the gun since it’s handed to security every evening and I took a photo of Ronel with it a few nights before. We took off back to the house and called Luckner and left it in his hands! During our escapades we found the phone had been left in the boys home when we went down to take a photo.

(http://1 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/-MsYA3pTE6MI/TvPNTgSRpnI/AAAAAAAAA7w/KORTsM8Cbvk/s1600/Sleeping+Security NULL.JPG)
Sleeping Security (they are not in jail, we took the photo through a fence)
(http://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/-pybrJvbdApM/TvPNk0f_f0I/AAAAAAAAA78/dDDWghwF7v0/s1600/Ronel+with+Security+Guards+gun NULL.JPG)
Ronel with the Security Guards Gun

After our evening of escapades it’s almost midnight (everyone goes to sleep here at 10pm) and mom and I are knackered and heading off to bed. 3 minutes after going upstairs I’m back down and say to mom ‘It’s not a Tarantula but it’s WAAAAY to big to sleep with me!’ We head back up to take care of my nighttime visitor! We get some photos and I get into my PJ’s while mom goes to get what we need to kill it…. By the time she comes upstairs I’ve made myself insane, everytime my pj’s touch my skin and tickle it I am swatting and beating at myself. The mom arrives with a mallet and a Machete! We’re up there cackling like a couple of crazy people! So then mom says that we need bug spray first and runs off to get some. I go brush my teeth and feel something on my arm and see a brown spot and start beating at myself and it won’t leave (the lights are dim in there) and then I realize I’ve been trying to kill a freckle! Okay, I need to take a deep breath, I’m bigger than it! As we’re about to spray the spider (it’s at least 3 inches from end to end) and I ask mom if it’s the jumping or biting kind. It’s not, whew! She sprays it and it takes off under the bed. Oh crap! We move the bed (me jumping around like a loon) and we can’t find it! We search that whole side of the room… No spider. I am NOT sleeping in that room! I grab my pillow, shake my blanket out ALOT and head out to one of the tents on the deck, at least nothing can get in those!! As I’m leaving the room mom says ‘Well now that you’re not sleeping in here anyway… it was a jumping spider, they jump about 3 feet’. WHAT? Yes, now I’ll really trust her when I ask her a bug question! Germaine cleaned the room this morning and found it dead on it’s back under the bed. It had jumped up and was hiding on the underside of the bed while the bug spray took hold. UGH. We’re not telling Alexa or she’ll never be able to sleep in the room again.

(http://1 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/-8uhevedEMlU/TvPN7_jgMKI/AAAAAAAAA8I/1gzIPTRWqhg/s1600/My+bedroom+visitor NULL.JPG)
My Bedroom Visitor (at least 4 inches long)
(http://1 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.com/-AAgnWvipE90/TvPOM48oLLI/AAAAAAAAA8U/zFXJtA9vYn8/s1600/Mom+brought+me+protection NULL.JPG)
Mom brought me protection
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