Big Assed PMS Salad

It was almost 2pm and my stomach finally signaled EAT NOW! I’d started my lunch break and then had become so engrossed in a new task and suddenly it was 6.5rs since I last ate. I rarely get even the tiniest bit hungry for at least 4-5hr since GFRR anyway although today’s hunger was NOW hunger. The primordial hunger of the woman PMSing. If it wasn’t going to be fulfilled by chocolate it needed to be salty, sweet, crispy, creamy, tangy & bright. Every bite needed to be a taste experience and I needed a ‘okay, I’m good for hours’ feeling after I was done eating it.

I knew it would also have to be fast or I’d be face first in the chocolate tin. Luckily I’d accidentally turned my pellet stove off and the house was SO COLD that I was also in a huge hurry to get out of there and back into the office.

I walked into my kitchen at 1:54 and was eating 12 minutes later, including putting away all the ingredients, tools/dishes and making the salad dressing from scratch

I call this Big-Assed PMS Salad feast and here’s the best part… it’s #GFRR . I know right? What’s with those deny ‘diet salads’? Let me just say that for much of my life I would absolutely rather have been fat than eat salad. In 2011 I discovered Paleo. Big Assed Salads became my specialty. While 90% of Paleo still applies to how I eat daily with #GFRR, I have incorporated some organic corn, quinoa, potato, yams, beans and rice back into my diet and am loving these additional flavours while still losing weight. I certainly can have wheat & oats too although I’ve determined that I do feel better without them in my diet.

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ON a DINNER PLATE (not one of those cutsie salad plates!)

A bed of Spinach
A lg handful of coleslaw mix
Drizzle with prepared Epicure’s Italian Dressing made with Balsamic and Avocado oil – OMG!!
1 small handful of frozen corn (I warmed mine 45 seconds in steamer)
Cottage cheese mixed with ½ Tbsp of your fav spice & a splash of ACV & a grind or two of salt
Top with a handful of red grapes.


So yes, I know, it is made with Cottage Cheese. Oh, right, if you’re like the majoriiy you don’t like Cottage Cheese.
A) Humor me! I’ve made a version of this for quite a few people and they were all won over!
B) The cottage cheese texture disappears and you instead get a ‘meaty’ dense bite with the tangy savory creaminess of the cottage cheese & the deep background notes of balsamic punctuated by sweet bursts of corn or grapes & balanced by the crunch of the chunks of cabbage!
C) Make it this way with a little bit of cottage cheese and the rest of your protein as chicken or beef or ??? and then give me your thoughts. 


Leftovers Lunch

Another awesome CookToLose friendly meal! All leftovers, one of my favourite ways to eat lunch.

Mashed yam, spinach topped with leftover cooked veg & dressing and pork ‘chops’. I made cutlets last night by cutting the meat off the bone, leaving a bit behind, and then popped the bones into the crockpot and sprinkled with @epicureofficial Roasted Garlic and left them on low for a couple hours.Leftovers lunch

BYO Salad

My favourite GFRR meal. BYO Salad. Build Your Own in case you were wondering like my assistant was. lol!

I like mine with Spinach, cucumbers, corn, strawberries & cottage cheese mixed with ACV & Tuxedo Pepper. Finished with a drizzle of Epicure Classic Dressing.
BYO Salad

Balsamic Spinach Salad

Sometimes you’ve just had one of those go-go days in your office and suddenly it’s 4pm… you realize you’re famished! You’re also beat to a snot. Tired, sore, aching, have a cold, or whatever it is for you…

You KNOW you need to have a heathy meal. You know you kinda don’t care when you’re that hungry and tired… Before you can eat something that would have been your ‘before’ choice…. Something you know now that will irritate your stomach or spike inflammation or interfere with your sleep or increase your arthritis pain or give you a carb high followed by a carb crash….

You compromise by deciding you’ll have a cup of cottage cheese. It’s the only ‘prepared’ healthy protein in the house. Then you see grapes, so you grab those. You feel weird now if you don’t have spinach at lunch or supper and again wonder who you’ve become while grabbing the spinach. Spinach loves my strong balsamic vinaigrette so that comes out too.

Ta-da! A pretty balanced and tasty 1minute ‘meal’

-Two cups spinach
-1 cup of cottage cheese, add 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar, a tap or two of your fav spice
-handful of seedless grapes
-Epicure’s Balsamic Dressing with double balsamic vinegar to oil. – Use sparingly!Balsamic Spinach Salad