Making Butter from scratch – simple & delish

Butter is easy.  Shockingly easy.  I do own a butterchurn.  I inherited it from my grandmother and no, I didn’t use it.

1 litre of heavy cream

Salt to taste (I used 6 big pinches)

Pour your heavy cream into your stand mixer – make sure the bowl is not freshly washed/warm.  Whip as if you’re making whipping cream.  You know how cream gets lumpy if you whip it too long?  That’s what you want.  Keep going, mine was about 10mins.  The cream will start to separate, into floppy butter and buttermilk, so drape a towel over your mixer as it may spray around.

Put a fine strainer over a bowl and drain the buttermilk off the butter.  Put the butter back into the mixer and mix again to remove more liquid.  You can add your salt here so that the buttermilk you poured off early isn’t salty & can be used for baking or drinking (although will not have the sour taste of buttermilk).  Whip until salt is fully incorporated.  For a savory butter use your favorite Epicure seasoned salt – DIVINE!  Note, salt is what helps keep it from spoiling.  Use unsalted butter with an week and about 3 weeks for salted.


Strain any liquid off again.  Now put your butter into a bowl of cold water and using your hands squish and squash it getting any remaining cream/milk out of the butter.  Any remaining cream in your butter will have the butter spoil faster.  Pour off the cloudy water and do it again.  Do this as many times as required until the water does not cloud – mine was so well whipped in the mixer I needed only to do it twice.

All my kids dipped fingers in the bowl and LOVED it!  Popcorn happening SOON!

What the heck does Dana eat anyway? Paleo/Primal Overview

Some of you are new to Paleo/Primal and are following me because of my lunch bin idea.  Welcome!

I eat no-crap foods.  If it’s been processed or changed it’s not part of my food choices.  I avoid grains and beans because I feel so much better when I don’t.  I avoid GMO’s.  I rarely eat refined sugar.

I’m also a sugar-a-holic.  So I’ve discovered that when I eat high protein and low carb I have much better sugar control.  I get lots of carbs from my veggies and fruit although I have found that if I have a few starchy carbs in a day, like yams for breakfast (yam coins are the bomb!) I then crave sugar all day.  Not a pleasant way to spend the day!

There are ‘Paleo Police’ out there that will say ‘ah, you ate a potato, omg!’.  I say go take your perfectionism somewhere else.  I’m human, I strive for a 90/10 rule, when traveling it’s more than a 70/30…

So onto what I do eat:

  • All Proteins – Eggs, Chicken, Fish, Beef, Pork – those are my main protein sources
  • Nuts – another protein although I try to limit myself to a handful a day.  They’re so darn incredible and moreish that once I start I have a hard time stopping.  No peanuts.  Almond Butter with Sea Salt – OMG!
  •  Veggies – bring em on!  I eat pretty much any nutrient dense veggies although do try to limit the starchy ones like Yams, Butternut etc squash, so that I don’t have sugar cravings.  What I always have on hand:  Carrots, Celery (the best scoop for egg/tuna/chicken salad), Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Cauli or Broc, Romaine, Red Peppers, Tomato (yes, I know it’s a fruit), Green Beans (they sometimes flare my arthritis).  Corn is a very rare treat if I can find GMO free – not a Paleo food as it’s actually a grain.  Potato’s are not nutrient dense so best to avoid.
  • Fruit – I enjoy fruit although with trying to lose weight I stick to apples & berries.  Good fibre so a low GI Fruit and they don’t cause as many cravings in me
  • Coconut – In any form. Coconut Butter mixed with coconut oil – HEAVEN!!  Coconut Oil also revs the metabolism.  Awesome!
  • Oils – Coconut, Olive and Nut oils (not peanut).  Those are my main oils.  NO ‘vegetable or Canola Oil’
  • Avocado – food of the gods.  A little Chili Garlic Salt and you’ve got an amazing snack!  Also great as an icing or pudding base.
  • Dairy.  Most Paleo eater’s don’t eat dairy.  I can process dairy just fine so I do eat it.  Lacto-Paleo or Primal folks eat dairy. :)
  • Herbs and Spices in abundance.

What do I avoid:

  • Soy.  I do use soy sauce as a flavoring here and there.  Coconut Aminos is a good substitute so it’s hard to find.  I prefer Braggs since it’s at least gluten free
  • Veggies that aren’t nutrient dense – potato
  • Fruits with a high sugar content – because it makes me crave carbs
  • Grains, Beans
  • Sugars & other processed foods.  If I do have sugar it will be Coconut Sugar or Honey.  Most ‘sugar’ is from beets and most beets are GMO.

If weight loss alongside feeling amazing is your goal use a tracker for a week so you can get an idea of how many carbs are in the foods you eat.  Eating as I’ve shown above I typically eat between 50-100carbs a day, complex healthy carbs.  After 3-4 days with no starchy carbs you don’t crave them.  SERIOUSLY.  AND this is a sugar-a-holic telling you this!

Great Resources are at this link.  If you really want to rock this and would like me to share my ‘food’ a few days so you can get an idea of how to make it work let me know!

DANA K’s Top 5 Tips

  1. MOST IMPORTANT STEP – DITCH the crap.  Box up all the processed foods and give them away.  If they’re not in the house they can’t tempt you!
  2. Learn to love water.  Add a little lemon or a drop of essential oils if you need.  Drink lots.  Often our ‘hunger’ is our bodies craving for fluids
  3. Sleep more.  It’s easier to avoid carbs when you’re well rested.  A poor sleep = carb craving
  4. Prep and plan ahead.  It’s SO much easier to stick to healthy eating when you have options at your fingertips even when you’re busy.  I take an hour after my big shopping and I do a major prep that covers most of the week.  One is the snacks/lunch prep, one is my Big Ass Salads and Scrambles and Omelets in minutes.
  5. Consider starting with a Whole 30 or 21 Day Sugar Detox.  Both will set your body up and work you through the cycle of cutting your carb cravings.


Sauteed Parsnips and Onions

This is a yummy side dish and really easy, it cooks in the background while you’re doing other things.

  • 1 lg onion, sliced
  • 1 Tbsp Butter
  • 2 lg Parsnips
  • Green Onions
  • Epicure’s 4 Pepper Blend
  • Epicure’s Chili Garlic Salt

Saute your onion in butter over med-low heat until carmelized.  While onions are cooking cut parnips and pop into your steamer and cook 3 mins until almost cooked through.  Add cooked parsnips to your onions, season with salt and pepper, add 4-5 snips of green onions and saute a few more mins until flavors are well blended.

Montreal Chicken Spinach Salad

I’m on a spinach kick, can’t get enough!!

  • 2-3 handfuls of baby spinach
  • 1 chicken breast, diced
  • a touch of Coconut Oil
  • Epicure’s Montreal Steak Rub
  • 1 roasted red pepper, diced
  • Crumbled goat cheese

Cook your chicken breast in Coconut oil, when almost done season with Steak Rub.  Toss chicken with your remaining ingredients, add dressing if desired.  BOOM, supper is done!

Coconut Curry Stew

This makes stew for a crowd.  Reduce your meat and get a nice coconut soup instead.  :)

  • Pork 2lbs
Coconut Curry Stew meat

Coconut Curry Stew meat

  • Coconut milk 2 cans
  • 6 lg carrots – cut into coins
  • Ginger, Lemon Grass Star Anise and Kaffir Lime Leaves – as per photo
Coconut Curry Stew Spices

Coconut Curry Stew Spices

  • 3 tbsp Epicure’s Mango Curry Mix
  • 1/2 cup chopped Cilantro
  • Bok Choy or Spinach – cut into a chiffonade as per below
Coconut Curry Stew - Spinach Chiffonade

Coconut Curry Stew - Spinach Chiffonade

  • 2 Tbsp Fish Sauce, or to taste
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

I did mine in my Instant Pot, you could also cook it longer in a crockpot.  I put my meat in with my spices and set it to ‘meat’.

Coconut Curry Stew in Instant Pot

Coconut Curry Stew in Instant Pot

After the meat pressure cook cycle, add your coconut milk, turn it to low crock pot for an hour or two. Remove any bones, your star anise, kaffir lime leaves, ginger chunks & lemon grass.

Coconut Curry Stew - Discards

Coconut Curry Stew - Discards

Add your cilantro, spinach and fish sauce before serving.