What to eat! Hmmm…

So those new to Paleo or Primal are always confused about what a day looks like.  First off, you need to know what you CAN and CAN’T eat, this is the BIGGEST question those new to this lifestyle ask me.  Mark’s Daily Apple (http://http://www NULL.marksdailyapple NULL.com/primal-blueprint-101/#axzz1xGymGcin)is a great resource and for simple science behind Paleo check out Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution.

The biggest difference between Paleo and Primal is that Primal is more accepting of Dairy than Paleo is.  If you’re not bothered by Dairy then go for it.  The most important thing is to honor what you feel and experience in your body.

I have ALOT of inflammation so Cod Liver Oil is key for me, 1 Tbsp every day help keep the aches away!  I also had my knee repaired this spring and have gotten back to fitness.

As a very brief overview of what I eat:  lots of poultry, fish, eggs, some red meat, tons of veggies, some nuts and seeds, coconut and coconut milk, some fruit and use good healthy fats like Olive and Coconut Oil.  I eat cheese now and again and use alot of Coconut Beverage (unsweetened) and Almond Milk.  I eat clean.  Nothing has been processed (well.. the bacon has!).  I make my own Mayo – it’s SUPER easy and even my kids don’t like the store mayo anymore!

Just last week I read The Primal Blueprint and after a year of living Paleo (and falling off the wagon when travelling, which is monthly) I finally figured out how come my weight loss has basically stalled the past 4 month.  In looking at Mark’s Carbohydrate Curve (http://www NULL.marksdailyapple NULL.com/the-primal-carbohydrate-continuum/#axzz1xGymGcin) I had a HUGE AHA MOMENT!   I was eating Paleo/Primal AND my daily carbs were in the 100-250 range daily for the days that I have tracked on ‘My Fitness Pal’ from a couple months ago, and those days are typical for me.  That’s a maintenance and weight gain place.  I’m now tracking my carbs for two weeks so I can see what 50-100 carbs is like and the weight has been dropping off again!

Day 1

  • 9am  2 eggs, in Coconut Oil
  • 1pm Leftover Swordfish & Creamy Cauliflower
  • Afternoon Bengal Tea with Almond Milk
  • 4 – Late afternoon – 2 carrots, 4 Celery Sticks & Handful of Pistachios
  • 6 – Big Ass Salad
  • 3 Tsp Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
  • 9 – 2 Tbsp Almond Butter

Day 2

  • 7:30 am – 2 eggs in Coconut Oil
  • 11am Post Bootcamp – Quick not completely paleo Protein Shake made with Coconut Beverage
  • 2pm  Famished and at Natural foods store to buy Cod Liver Oil.  Grab jar of Macadamia nut butter.  Eat 3 Tbsps in car
  • 5pm Taco’s in Lettuce leaves – Taco Meat, Salsa, Sour Cream and a sprinkling of cheese, ‘wrapped’ in a lettuce leave
  • Raw veggies

Day 3

  •  2 eggs in Coconut Oil, 2 slices bacon
  • Lunch on the fly!  2 Haddock Fillets with Epicure’s Lemon Pepper Sansel – cooked 3 mins in my Steamer
  • 4snack – 1 cup Epicure Salsa with 8 or so Celery Stalks as the scoops, a few slices of beef jerky
  • Tuna Patties and a nice gooey blob of goat cheese with 1/2 an english cucumber, thickly sliced, used like a cracker