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Well I’m not yet done my journey, so this isn’t a true after, it’s more like a ‘part way’.  Yesterday I went bathing suit shopping and it wasn’t super awful!  That was a nice surprise.

I had my lower legs lasered so don’t have to shave, hurts like h*ll although so totally worth it.  Anyhow, I was rubbing on a scrub cream the other day and i noticed my calves are getting so firm, what a fabulous surprise that was.  It totally made my day, lol. Re-reading that it sounds like I haven’t washed my legs for months, hmmm…

Here’s a visual for you. Same weight to within a lb!  In May (post knee surgery recovery) I started exercising again.  First month was Tony Horton 10 min trainer 3x a week.  Last 4 weeks has been at Oranj fitness.  Each week I aim for 2 Yoga, 1 TRX bootcamp (for strength not Cardio – I do squats or lunges and lift light weights while everyone else does Cardio) and Zumba for my ‘sprint’, although I’m struggling a bit with my Zumba.

Changes Apr to June 2012

Changes Apr to June 2012

My body and I love real food and shockingly, exercise, lol!

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