21DSD, Day 4 + Chicken & Bacon with Shallot Crunch

I wasn’t tired today although I was hungry alot, so I ate more than usual since it seemed like every 2 hrs I had the nibblies!  For dinner I told Ronel I was making my version of a bunless chicken burger.  He took one bite and said ‘Oh Dayym, no chicken burger ever tasted this good!’

What I ate today:

  • 2 eggs & half an avocado
  • Mint Tea
  • a handful of macadamia while on the road
  • Lunch:  2 leftover beef ribs & a giant green salad topped with roasted veggies with balsamic dressing
  • Bengal tea with raw milk
  • a handful of pecans
  • 2 spoons of Coconut Oil/Butter
  • Dinner:  The meal below with a couple spoons of Spaghetti squash

Years ago I had a nanny who made great, simple Filipino food.  She was also painfully slow.  She’d start at 4pm and dinner of 2 very simple dishes with a side of raw or frozen veg would be ready 1-2hours later and there wouldn’t be a single dish washed.  She’d stand over the stove and watch it cook.  Maybe she found it soothing.  I found it painful, lol.

The way I like to be in the kitchen is go in for a while, get a whole heck of a lot done and run back out.  I always have 3-4things on the go at once.  Tonight I walked in at 4:30 and left at 6 and got a schwack of stuff done!

What I made/did in my 1.5hrs in the kitchen:

  • Steamed a spaghetti squash and then fried it in butter, salt and pepper (ready for tomorrow’s lunch)
  • Bagged up Yam Leather and Beef Jerky for the kids school lunches
  • Cooked a side of salmon for lunches tomorrow (cooked ‘just’ barely until done so it can be reheated tomorrow)
  • Cooked two yams for the boys and mashed with butter and salt
  • Made a double batch of Eggplant Gratinee – I expected it to be tonight’s side dish although we were stuffed after the main course
  • Fed the dogs
  • Washed all the dishes including the ones from breakfast
  • Made this dish:

Chicken & Bacon with Shallot Crunch – or ‘Oh Dayym’ Chicken

  • 4 chicken breasts – I used 2 as the free range ones are GINORMOUS
  • 8 slices bacon, cooked till crispy
  • 1 lg shallot, thinly sliced on a mandolin (or the Epicure slicer if you have it)
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 cup Paleo Mayo
  • a Tbsp of herbs (mine are top secret until Apr 16th — lots of things would be great)
  • 1 Tbsp tomato paste
  • 1 dill pickle, chopped
  • a couple handfuls of cheese
  • pickled jalapeno’s to taste

Cook your bacon in 12″ pan and set aside.   Fry Shallots and garlic in bacon fat until crispy and set aside.  Meanwhile, mix mayo, spice, tomato paste and dill pickle and let it sit for flavors to develop.  Cut chicken breasts through in 1/2 (so you have two thinner slices), season with salt and pepper.  Add chicken to frying pan and cook.  Once first side is cooked, flip over, and coat with sauce.  Top with shredded cheese , a few jalapenos and a slice of bacon.  Once your cheese is melted top your chicken piece with your crispy shallots.