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In 1993 I discovered Sylvie’s Red Pepper Jelly at the Pearkes Arena Craft fair on the November long weekend. RPJ was a ‘new thing’ back then and there were 4 booths with it. I tried each one and determined that Sylvie’s was far and away the best so I bought a few and a lemon dilly dip. I went back each Nov for more. A few years later I moved 4hrs away. I loved her jelly so much I’d drive to this annual Craft Fair to get more. I did this for a couple years.

Never doing a party…

In 1998 I discovered that Epicure was now in Home Parties so it would be easier to get! I found out that consultants got a 25% discount so I thought WHOO HHOO, I’ll sign up and save on my spices and jelly! I had NO intention of doing parties. I was a home party snob, I didn’t go (as they were boring), didn’t host (again boring & high pressure) and had no idea of how the industry actually worked. I really thought that the poor lady doing the parties had no marketable skills and couldn’t get hired at the mall so did parties for free plastic and candles for her own use. I had no idea it could be a viable living! Then my sponsor told me she sold $400 in one evening. The catalogue was quite small with little or no cookware I thought ‘NO WAY, that’s 60+ spices… wait… that’s $100 profit!

Personal Growth & Making Money

I was painfully shy with strangers or in groups, so shy I couldn’t even go up the microphone at my sister’s wedding and congratulate her in front of family! To my shock a friend asked to have a party so I decided to do one ONLY for her.  One of my closest friends laughed, she knew I’d failed public speaking in College!  I survived the first party and wanted the money so decided to do even more.  For my first year it was SO painful, I’d sweat and stammer and turn bright red. People wanted the spices so kept booking parties and I kept making money so I kept at it. It got easier and easier, I enjoyed it more and more and couldn’t wait until my next party. I was having so much fun sharing the business and the products. Years after I started I actually was the MC for my girlfriend’s wedding (the same college friend who laughed in shock!) and now can train in front of groups of hundreds with ease!

Photo credit: GARY NYLANDER/The Daily Courier

Photo credit: GARY NYLANDER/The Daily Courier

Family & Freedom

3 years after I started, my Epicure income was enough that I quit my well paying 50 hour a week day job to work from home with my 2 small children. I am now a single parent to 3 fabulous children who LOVE this business as much as I do. They get to play whatever sport they choose (and the boys chose expensive ones!), they get to enjoy great vacations and they have mom home when they walk in the door from school. They are also loving the chance to earn extra money by working for me & I love the tax write-offs I get for hiring them! My 10yo has been stickering catalogues and jars for years and now even bags my orders. My teenage boys do all kinds of other jobs. Almost 5 years ago I built my dream house for the kids and I and we enjoy a fabulous lifestyle all thanks to Epicure. I earn a generous 6 figure income and have dedicated myself to helping those on my team to reach for whatever dreams they have!

Courier Article from Aug 2009

Courier Article from Aug 2009


What kind of training/support will I get if I become an Epicure consultant?

As an Epicure consultant the training & company support is second to none. From the company website to Regional Trainers travelling around the country and a Conference that will knock your socks off!

As member of my Success Line you have fabulous resources at your fingertips:

  • Weekly training webinars featuring leaders and top producers
  • Facebook support page (http://www NULL.facebook to share ideas & ask questions
  • YouTube channel (http://www where I post training videos for all aspects of running your own Epicure business
  • Dedicated Leaders and Directors here to support you every step of the way

When I first became a Consultant almost 5 yrs. ago, I was “Green”, didn’t know anything about Epicure other than we LOVED and used the Products.  It seemed like a good fit for me, and Dana was my “Rock”.  She was always there to answer questions (and there were many), help me with a multitude of advice, training, sponsoring tips (although I never set out to sponsor anyone?).  Dana’s guidance got me thru my first 6 months and she patiently listened when I got frustrated & needed to vent, supported me in every way. She encouraged me when I needed it and walked beside me and watched me soar to Leadership!

My years with Dana & Epicure have enriched my life. I have made many new Epicure friends across Canada, gained wonderful Clients,  I have an amazing Team (which I now love to help).  Home Office & Dana have given me endless support and I am privileged during my life time to have experienced Epicure and “Life” training from the BEST!

Home Office and Dana are like family…they REALLY DO CARE about us and our success!   Epicure was definitely the right choice for me! Thank you Dana!  ♥   Linda Donhauser.  Leader “Nice & Spicy Team”


Being a part of Dana’s team and Epicure has been one of the greatest joys of my working career. I started in Epicure after watching Dana do a party and I was at a point in with my career where I was going nowhere and answering to a very domineering boss. My girls were little and I was missing out on so much time with them, coming home exhausted and stressed out everyday. I saw an opportunity and from the very beginning (10 Years ago) Dana has been the best Coach, Mentor, Motivator and now friend too! The training is fantastic and ongoing as much or a little as I have needed both from Epicure and from Dana. My family is grown now and we have received many gifts in many ways with my business, whether it was to help pay for University or  Rep Hockey Fees, or to teach us all how to set goals and be a home of positive thinkers! I am grateful everyday for the day I made the decision to join this amazing company and to work with Dana!   Tracey O, Leader – Amazing Spice Chix


I just wanted to write and say how PROUD I am of being an Epicure Consultant and a part of your Success Line!!  With the support & training you have given me over the years (especially with the distance we live apart) – I truly value your strengths & knowledge.  If you hadn’t taken me under your wing many years ago (11 to be exact!) – who know where I would have waywardly gone!  Epicure provides great training as well – with monthly calls and training from Regional Sales Trainers – I have grown tremendously with my business!  Not to mention the valuable training I ALWAYS receive from Conference as well!! My Epicure business has provided me with the opportunity to become full-time self-employed.  Paying for a lot of our monthly bills & any EXTRAS that seem to come up on a regular basis!!  I am truly blessed.  Helen Johnson, Hot & Sassy Success Team

Where can I find your Epicure Training videos on YouTube?

My username is username danalynnkayal (http://www and the channel is called Dana.K’s Epicure Training.

Below is a sample of the latest videos. Clicking on the thumbnail will load the video in its own popup window.

Direct Sales Resources

Here are few of my favourite Direct Sales Resources! (http://www NULL.dswa
I’ve done their Elite Leadership Certification Course and have attended their Coach Excellence School and am currently completing my Coach Certification. I also highly recommend you get a DSWA membership and invest in their Build it Big series of books and their Mentored by the Masters CD Club. (http://www NULL.patpearson
Personal growth is a huge component of growing a Direct Sales business and Pat is the guru! I’ve been getting her monthly CDs for years and cherish this collection of knowledge. (http://www NULL.realsavvysuccess
Their Wednesday weekly calls are free and recorded for a week to listen in later! (http://www NULL.belindaellsworth
Belinda is a great high energy entertaining way to learn solid home party techniques and to have those “OMG, I did/do that” moments.

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