Easiest DIY Yogurt EVER!

I LOVE homemade yogurt.  It’s so delicious and creamy.  I was reading an article about French yogurt and how it’s made it the serving container so figured I’d give it that a try.

IT was an EPIC Success!  What I love the most is that it’s so fast and easy that I started it at 10:30 at night and had it resting overnight only 35mins later!  I love also that I can do ‘just enough’!

Strained for Greek Yogurt





What you’ll need:

  • Epicure Steamer or a pot to heat on the stove
  • 4 cups milk, I used 2% (can do more, just takes longer to heat up!)
  • 2 Tbsp leftover yogurt from store or last batch
  • Food thermometer (I bought a cheap digital one for $10)
  • Prep bowls or mason jars to culture and store it in

Watch the whole process by video here. (https://youtu NULL.be/UNfEJ40Forw)

Step 1 – Heat the Milk - I heated my milk to 180degrees in my steamer.  That was 8 minutes on high power.  Feel free to do stovetop too!  The video shows you the small bubbles that start to form around 180F

DIY yogurt-5

Step 2 – Cool the Milk – I set my steamer, lid off, on the counter for approx 20mins.  The room temp will affect how fast it cools down.  Ideal is 110-115degrees F

Yogurt diy-1





Step 3 – Add your Culture – Temper the culture by adding a bit of warm milk at a time to your 2tbsp of Yogurt.  Then stir the culture back into your warm milk

Step 4 – Pot it up & let it do it’s thing overnight!  Pour your cultured milk into prep bowls or mason jars if you plan to eat it without straining.  Cover with a tea towel and place them in the oven.  Oven off, oven light on only.  If you plan to strain it for Greek Yogurt, you could also simply pop the lid on the steamer and place it in the oven overnight.

Diy yogurt-2





Step 5 – Set   Move the yogurt to the fridge to set for 8hrs.  Eat as is or strain through cheesecloth if you prefer Greek Yogurt!  Here’s what mine looked like 7hrs later.

Diy yogurt-3





I ate some with Summer Berry, Blueberries & Tutti Fruity.

Summer Berry Yogurt with Blueberries and Tutti Fruity





I LOVE my yogurt strained and super thick for making my favorite dessert – Chocolate Mousse.  Here’s what that looks like:

Strained for Greek Yogurt DIY yogurt-7