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Become a better cook…

Alexa loving Epicure Pesto Pasta at 17 months (http://danakayal NULL.om/wp-content/uploads/Alexa-loving-Epicure-Pesto-Pasta-at-17months NULL.jpg)

Alexa loving Epicure Pesto Pasta at 17 months

Epicure’s spices and cookware will turn you into a better cook. It will reduce sodium and fillers in your meals, will make cooking faster and more intuitive. If you join me in the business it can make you some great income while giving you an excuse to get out of the house, some amazing tax writeoffs, and a whole lot of fun!

Earn a vacation every year…

Does your job reward you each year with a tropical vacation? Mine does! Most recently St. Lucia, Jamaica, Disney Land and the Mayan Riviera.

Fun cooking lesson in St. Lucia

Fun cooking lesson in St. Lucia

Feel good about giving back…

Does your company have a corporate policy to leave the earth better than they found it or incorporate Giving Back with time & love into every aspect of their business? Is your company Family owned and Women Led? Epicure is. Heart is behind every decision!

Get the support you need…

Would you enjoy working in an environment of support that matched your efforts?  Support that was second to none and with peers that cheer you on rather than step on you to achieve their own success?  That’s what it’s like to own an Epicure business! I offer exceptional training and support for my team of 1,400+ consultants/leaders coast to coast.

Dana has been so helpful to me in so many ways. She answers all my questions, cheers me on, motivates me and is always there to help me with my business any way she can. I feel so very blessed to have her as my ESD. We met through Epicure when she sponsored me almost 10 years ago and I could not have asked for a better person to guide me through my Epicure career! Tracey Ordano

Have enough time for everything important to you…

How many single parents with crazy schedules and 3 children do you know that are able to be home when their kids walk in the door from school, can put their kids into expensive sports, built their dream home and travel regularly to fabulous locations? That’s my LIFE! I run a multi-million dollar Epicure business and my goal is to teach everyone in my Success Line how to run their business so it can support them in achieving their dreams!


Check out thankfulandblessed.blogspot.com (http://thankfulandblessed NULL.blogspot NULL.com/) for new pictures of the home renos!

Kitchen from living room

Kitchen from living room