Good Food Real Results (GFRR)

In late April I joined a testing group for this Epicure program. As of September I released 43 lbs and I’ve currently maintained a 62lb slimmed figure.  My nails are stronger, my face is clear and my mind is sharp! I’ve not been hungry & my grocery bills have dropped!

This has CHANGED MY LIFE. I’m more passionate than ever about my Epicure business. Growing up I learned many incorrect food lessons and much of that misinformation is still floating around today.

I learned that to be ‘slender’ or ‘healthy looking’ you should barely eat
I learned that only those with incredible metabolism are ever ‘naturally’ slender
I learned that lettuce, rice crackers and melba toasts are ideal foods
I learned that to lose weight you must exercise hours & hours every week
I learned that to lose weight a radical lifestyle makeover is required

I learned that counting points, counting calories and drinking shakes are key

GFRR has taught me that everything I believed to be true is FALSE

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