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About: Dana

Dana Kayal is a proud mom of 3 busy athletic kids, an Epicure Independent Consultant, Executive Director & trainer, 6 figure income earner, food enthusiast, volunteer, recipe blogger, paleo lifestyler, avid traveler, volunteer, mountain biker and dragon boater.

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Slow Cooker Coconut Soup

Crockpot Coconut SoupPrep time, 20 mins.  Cook time, 5-6hrs. I was leaving the house in half an hour and wouldn’t be home until 7pm, so a crockpot meal was in order.  I had only my homegrown whole chickens, so I grabbed a small one (fully frozen) and tossed it in my Instant Pot for 20 minutes on  Continue Reading »

Zippy Ginger Dipping Sauce

Zippy Ginger Dipping SauceThis is a take off on Epicure’s Japanese Ginger Sauce. 3/4 cup mayo (you can find my recipe here) 1 Tbsp Fresh grated Ginger 1 Tsp Epicure’s Teriyaki Seasoning 1/2 Tsp Epicure’s Indonesian seasoning (use less if you don’t like heat) 2 Tbsp Lite Soy sauce 1 tbsp Rice Vinegar (or Apple Cider) Mix together  Continue Reading »

Quick & Easy Kids Lunches

My kids don’t love Sandwiches, they leftovers or for a lunch cheese, crackers and meats & snacks.  One of my 3 is Gluten free.   PREP: Tonight while watching MasterChef with my daughter I’ve bagged up a couple weeks snacks. STORAGE:  I’ve got a lovely large pot drawer and 1 fridge drawer.  If you don’t have  Continue Reading »

DIY 5 Gallon Chicken Waterers for CHEAP!

water - first 2I currently have 24 broilers and 9 layers.  My broilers are only 5 weeks old and they’re emptying their 3 gal commercial waterer 2x a day.  Crazy!  My ongoing batches of broilers will be 4o each time.  Need way more watering capacity! The commercial waterer I have is super annoying, only holds 3 Gallons and  Continue Reading »

Banana Chai Strusel Donuts! (Grain Free)

Banana Chai Streusel DonutsI cannot wait to get Against All Grain – I’ve asked the kids to get it for me for Christmas, lol.  Danielle has amazing recipes on her website and I adapted this one a little.  I’d made it for muffins this morning and they were gobbled in minutes, so I then tweaked and made them  Continue Reading »

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