Making Butter from scratch – simple & delish

Butter is easy.  Shockingly easy.  I do own a butterchurn.  I inherited it from my grandmother and no, I didn’t use it.

1 litre of heavy cream

Salt to taste (I used 6 big pinches)

Pour your heavy cream into your stand mixer – make sure the bowl is not freshly washed/warm.  Whip as if you’re making whipping cream.  You know how cream gets lumpy if you whip it too long?  That’s what you want.  Keep going, mine was about 10mins.  The cream will start to separate, into floppy butter and buttermilk, so drape a towel over your mixer as it may spray around.

Put a fine strainer over a bowl and drain the buttermilk off the butter.  Put the butter back into the mixer and mix again to remove more liquid.  You can add your salt here so that the buttermilk you poured off early isn’t salty & can be used for baking or drinking (although will not have the sour taste of buttermilk).  Whip until salt is fully incorporated.  For a savory butter use your favorite Epicure seasoned salt – DIVINE!  Note, salt is what helps keep it from spoiling.  Use unsalted butter with an week and about 3 weeks for salted.


Strain any liquid off again.  Now put your butter into a bowl of cold water and using your hands squish and squash it getting any remaining cream/milk out of the butter.  Any remaining cream in your butter will have the butter spoil faster.  Pour off the cloudy water and do it again.  Do this as many times as required until the water does not cloud – mine was so well whipped in the mixer I needed only to do it twice.

All my kids dipped fingers in the bowl and LOVED it!  Popcorn happening SOON!