21 DSD – L2 – Day 3. Sesame Crunch Dressing – YUMMO!

Today was great.  NO tired time.  Love that!  No cravings either!  Whoohoo!  There was one moment when I saw a crisp juicy fuji that I thought, oooh, a snack and then realized a) I wasn’t hungry and b) can’t have that on the detox.  I did also manage to finish my water bottle 5x today so that’s awesome!

My urban harvest was arriving again today so I had ALOT of veggies to eat today (and tomorrow and and and).  One thing I love about my UH delivery is that I eat so many veg since I don’t want to waste any, lol.

What I ate today:

8am Breakfast salad – Spinach, chopped Jicama, drizzled with homemade mayo and topped with two over easy eggs

Breakfast Salad

Breakfast Salad

11:30  2 soft boiled eggs, a 3 giant leaves of chard sauteed in butter and topped with last night’s Pesto Balsamic

1pm  Bengal tea with raw milk/water

2:30 Ate the rest of the Swiss chard with Balsamic dressing + a spoonful of coconut butter/oil

4pm Macadamia nuts and a few cocoa nibs in the car driving my son around

6pm  Jicama ‘fries’ while playing in the kitchen.  Recipe is in 21DSD

7pm  Huge green salad with Sesame Crunch Dressing + 2 Beef Ribs

8:30 Drinking my Natural Calm Magnesium ‘Lemon Drink’


Sesame Crunch Dressing – if you love Tahini you’ll want to eat this with a spoon!  After eating much of it that way I prepped a big green salad with tomato, carrot, cucumber and a tiny yellow beet shredded

  • 1/4 cup Tahini
  • 1/4 cup Olive Oil
  • 1 heaping Tbsp Epicure’s Sesame Crunch Topper (sesame seeds and veggies)
  • 1 -2 tsp of Rice Wine Vinegar (make sure you have the ‘unseasoned’)
  • a couple twists of Chili Garlic salt
Eating my colors

Eating my colors - waiting for Sesame Crunch Dressing


21DSD – Day 2 + Pesto Balsamic Dressing – WOW!!

OMG, 10:32am and I was crashing.  Yawning so big tears were pouring down my face.  My back was also aching so I want to lie down for 20mins….  felt better after the coconut and tea kicked in.

What I ate today:

8am – handful of Macadamia nuts while driving daughter to school

9am – 2 Eggs over Easy and 1/2 a small Avocado with Chili Garlic Sea Salt

10:30am – 2 Spoons of coconut butter/oil

11am – My Bengal tea  with Raw Milk – same tea from day 1 – I’m addicted and have it every day!

12 – Lunch out with a friend.  Lebanese chicken with salad/veg.  I examined the menu, talked to the server and got all grains removed (it was supposed to be a Sharwarma Sandwich) and then ate the Hummus without even thinking.  By the time I got in the car and my intestines were screaming and stinking I realized!

4:30pm – Driving Kids around – small handful of Macadamia nuts and big handful of coconut flakes

7pm – Leftover Turkey + Gravy + Greens with Roasted Veg and Pesto Balsamic Dressing – WOW, so good.  I had forgotten how delish the simple classic dressings are!  Interesting note… back in ‘the day’ I’d make my dressings with so little oil (cause you know, oil is fattening, lol) that they’d make my mouth pucker.  My dressings are SOOO much better now that I’m over that!

Pesto Balsamic Dressing – shake or whisk ingredients.  try not to drink it alone!

  • 1/4 cup Well aged Balsamic Vinegar
  • 1/2 cup Olive Oil
  • 1/2 small shallot minced (about 2 tbsp)
  • 2 tsp Epicure’s Pesto Mix – (or a bunch of dried basil/garlic)
  • 2 tsp Grainy Dijon

10:11pm.  Off to Bed!  Bed is aching so badly, prescription strength painkillers not touching it today.  Can’ t wait to see Chiro tomorrow!




21DSD – L2, Day 1 + Lemon Garlic Dinosaur Kale

So today was day one. The 21 Day Sugar Detox (http://the21daysugardetox NULL.com/) has 3 levels.  I’m doing Level 2 which would be a Lacto-Paleo or Primal Level.

Yesterday I got rid of the things that tempt me.  Some went in the garbage, many went in my mouth.  Sigh.  When I got up I weighed and measured.

Today, made a Costco run after breakfast, stocked up on Veggies/Eggs (and a kayak also jumped onto my cart), then popped into Superst0re for a few things and found Beef Ribs.  OMG, it’s my lucky day!!  Today I did food and face prep.  The fridge is STUFFED, not an inch of room and more veggies arrive on Wednesday from Urban Harvest.  I must eat ALOT of veggies tomorrow!

  • baggies of Pistachio’s and Coconut flakes in the car
  • made my Paleo Mayo – took less than 5 mins with my new immersion blender – OMG I love this tool!
  • soft boiled a bunch of eggs for storage in the fridge for on the fly food
  • Chopped up a bunch of random veg and roasted them with an Italian seasoning and olive oil
  • Mixed up face wash and toner from Skintervention Guide (http://skinterventionguide NULL.org/) – will keep you posted on the results!~

What I ate today:

10am:  2 Eggs, over easy fried in butter

12Pm:  A handful of Jicama sticks while chopping veg for roasting

1pm:  Energy low, not actually feeling hungry although lack of sugar is hitting me.  Ate 2 soft boiled eggs & drank some water.

3pm:  Bengal Tea – 2 tea bags, 1 cup of Raw milk and 1 cup water

5pm:  Turkey Dinner – Turkey, some Mashed Celeriac and about 1/2 a bunch of Dinosaur Kale (recipe below)

8pm:  a big soup spoon of Coconut Oil/Butter – my fav!  It’s also proven to rev up your metabolism which is bonus since it tastes so freaking good!

8:30:  1 Tbsp Cod Liver Oil and 2 tsp of Natural Calm Magnesium powder (lemon drink)

9:30pm  Heading upstairs to stretch, use my Full Body Vibration plate & try my face wash.  10pm head will be on the pillow!

Water Bottles -My steel Quick Charge insulated water bottle is my constant companion – Filled it 3x.  Goal is 5x tomorrow

Lemon Garlic Dinosaur Kale

  • 1 big bunch of organic Dinosaur Kale (Lacinato) – chopped
  • 1 Tbsp Butter
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Juice of half a lemon

I was hoping to eat all of this although to my shock the kids liked it and dived in, thus forcing me to share!  Melt butter, add garlic, cook 30 seconds, add kale, cook 1 minute.  Squeeze on lemon Juice.  Enjoy